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How to succeed with online learning

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For many students, the start of the new academic year looks very different. Whether you’re going to university for the first time or returning to continue your studies or going for a refresher course the COVID-19 pandemic means there are many changes afoot. So, with many courses and classes taking place virtually, how do you succeed with online learning?

As well as exploring some of the current debate around online learning, we’ll also look at some tips and tricks on how to maximize your effectiveness.

Although there are uncertainties about how this year will pan out, there are several steps you can take to make sure your online classes, lectures, and courses are as effective as possible. Again, much of the knowledge and many of the skills are things you apply to your learning already. However, it’s worth knowing how and when to use these.

To succeed in online learning, there are four main areas you might want to consider. Paying some attention to each of these can help you learn as efficiently as possible:

Your routine

Your learning routine is one of the cornerstones of your online studies. If you keep up positive habits, you’ll soon see the results. Although it’s tempting to get complacent when your classes are on the internet (whether live or recorded), it’s vital you stay focused.

Stay disciplined

Part of treating your online learning as you would with an in-person experience is to keep disciplined. Although your home or halls of residence don’t look like campus, you still need to have the same self-discipline when it comes to independent learning. Your class and study schedule should match that outlined in your courses, and you also need to dedicate time to your own studies outside of that.


Learning is a two-way process. Although turning up to online lectures or reviewing the material is important, so is getting involved with the discussion. Ask questions where appropriate, and don’t be afraid to seek help with the material if you need it.

Follow up

Once your class, lecture, or seminar is over, don’t just forget about it and move on. As well as writing up your notes, spend some time thinking about the subject you covered and any questions that were asked. Make sure that you’ve grasped the details before you conclude your learning.

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